Information For Schools

Are you a school looking to integrate creativity and culture into the heart of learning?

CAPTIVATE offers a variety of school-based programs across the 3-12 curriculum. These dynamic programs, established in consultation with principals and teachers, ensure maximum student engagement and enhance creative and performing arts outcomes in schools. We provide specialist instructors to your school and sessions can be designed to fit your timetable and specific requirements.

Much of the school-based program is subsidised by CAPTIVATE with some co-contribution required from schools depending on the program being offered.

A quality arts program is one of the greatest gifts a teacher can give to their students – don’t deprive them of this precious gift for any reason! Speak with a CAPTIVATE professional today to get started.


School Responsibilities

Permission notes

Schools are responsible for distributing permission notes with all the information for the rehearsal and performance day(s) included. CAPTIVATE can provide some pro-forma templates and information sheets.


Organising transport to and from rehearsals and performances is the responsibility of each individual school If you have a small group of students perhaps consider trying to organise with a school nearby to share the cost of hiring buses. We will publish a list of participating schools at the beginning of Term 1.

On occasions where only one or two students are invited to take part in a smaller/leading ensemble, CAPTIVATE will communicate directly with parents in regards to transport. We will inform the school of their students' participation.


It is the responsibility of each school to send the required number of supervising teachers based on the CEDP student-to-teacher ratio for every Program in which they have students participating. Teachers are asked to supervise their students during rehearsals/performances especially during break times.



Schools and/or students are given authorised copies of the music they will perform. This is for students to take home and practise. Each school needs to log their respective copy numbers on the Google Form found on OSCAR. At the conclusion of the performance all the music needs to be collected and returned to the CAPTIVATE library.

Schools are able to perform any of the CAPTIVATE repertoire in their own school communities All repertoire can be borrowed from the CAPTIVATE library at any time once the Showcase performances have concluded.


It is the responsibility of schools to ensure that any recorded music being used for dance items is covered under the AMCOS/ARIA Schools' Licence. It is not permitted to sample and segue different tracks together without the permission of the recording label. In addition, schools need to ensure that all music used has no unsuitable language or themes.

If your school is unsure about any aspects of copyright/licensing, please contact CAPTIVATE or the Learning Exchange at AKC.

Film, Photography and use of Student Works

Schools must ensure that they have a current Consent Form for each student participating in any CAPTIVATE program or opportunity. Most of our performances and some of our rehearsals are captured by a photographer and/or videographer and may be published in hard copy and digital form in school and diocesan websites, school and diocesan social media channels, promotional materials, newspapers and other media for the purpose of promotion and communication of CEDP activities or programs, training materials and resources.


CAPTIVATE ensures that all music used, live, recorded and print, adheres to the Australian copyright laws and is covered under the relevant school licences held by CEDP.

Professional Learning

We understand that Creative and Performing Arts teachers are often isolated in schools and don't have many opportunities to develop their pedagogy, share ideas and network with others CAPTIVATE is offering a number of professional learning opportunities for teachers in 2017.

All of our professional development days have been BOSTES approved and you will need to register on the Professional Learning Portal on OSCAR to take part.

For more information or a timetable of the Professional Learning sessions contact CAPTIVATE today.