Our Students

Without them it doesn’t happen!

The CAPTIVATE spirit glows mostly due to the energy and electricity of our students from Years 3 to 12. Turn on the lights and they’ll show you what it means to be part of the CAPTIVATE family: energy, passion, dedication, ambition and a whole lot of fun.

Known for their strong sense of community, good humour and abundant talent, CAPTIVATE students thrive in performance and the visual arts.

With each new year a fresh crop of students learn from Australia’s leading creative arts professionals and continually evolve to exhibit the technical and creative skills expected to shine in the ever changing world of music, dance, drama and art.

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I’d strongly recommend CAPTIVATE to other students because it is a fun program to do. It’s good to do to increase your musical knowledge if you’ve already started out in music - Prajin, Parramatta Marist High
The best part was learning how to work with other vocal groups, the altos, my fellow sopranos and bass and tenor. It is a fun way of learning how to further your musical ability - Chloe, Delany College Granville

I like how different kids from different schools get to show off their talents- Jessica, Gilroy Catholic College
I learnt how to think on my feet and how to work co-operatively in groups - Samuel, St Paul’s Catholic College

Testimonial-Angelina Testimonial-Justin
It is amazing! I like how everyone was friendly and you got to know people even if they were from a different school - Angelina, Catherine McAuley Westmead
I think my favourite part was the clowning workshop. That was really fun and we were able to do our own thing and be a bit crazy while still learning - Justin, McCarthy Catholic College