Why Captivate?

Who Can Take Part

Catholic school students in the Diocese of Parramatta from Years 3 to 12 are encouraged to become a part of CAPTIVATE. Whether just starting out or already accomplished in dance, drama, music or art, there’s something for everyone!

The Spirit of Expression

CAPTIVATE is the creative and performing arts program for Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Parramatta. It provides learning and performance opportunities for students and connects them with Australia’s leading creative arts professionals and their wealth of experience and networks.

CAPTIVATE offers students the opportunity to collaborate and engage with students from other schools to enrich their performing skills and experiences through combined school programs in music, dance and drama.

Research indicates that arts education results in learning habits that improve performance across all subject areas. Teachers also benefit from students participating in creative arts programs as they are more engaged in the classroom and enjoy learning.

Get Involved

There are three levels of CAPTIVATE programs in which your students can be involved, Showcase, Masterclass and School-Based, depending on level of ability and experience. Showcase extends students and teachers beyond the capacity of any individual school; Masterclass enrichment programs cater for more experienced students and School-Based co-curricular/classroom-based programs such as String Things and Drama Literacy are foundation creative learning experiences open to all schools.




  • Combined Schools’ Ensemble Program
  • HSC performance


  • Immersion
  • HSC Performance
  • Dance Intensive
  • CAPTIVATE’s Got Talent
  • Piano Accompaniment
  • Drama Intensive


  • Hub-Schools
  • String Things
  • Band Program
  • Drama Literacy
  • Teaching Artist in Residence
  • a3/ASPA Choral Development Program