Dance troupe 'CAPTIVATES' Parramasala


Members of the CAPTIVATE dance troupe and their mentor partners Shaun Parker Company were invited to participate in Parramatta's fifth Parramasala Contemporary Arts Festival on the weekend.

With performances on Saturday and Sunday, eight cast members from The Yard entertained the crowds with street style performance culminating with one dancer balancing a BMX bike on his head.

Nominated for a Sir Robert Helpmann Award in 2013, The Yard highlights friendship and conflict in the schoolyard and the way dance unites young people in overcoming difference, exclusion and even bullying.

Mark Hopkins, Team Leader of Captivate said it’s a coup to work with acclaimed choreographer Shaun Parker. ‘To have the opportunity to perform with a globally recognised dance company is inspiring, and a real boost to our kids,’ said Mark.

Michael Flores Year 9 student from Parramatta Marist High who is an accomplished street style dancer and has toured with professional performers such as Justice Crew, joined The Yard for this production.