Reach your full potential as dancers and performers

Our dance programs give students Years 4-12 the opportunity to experience a vast array of dance styles including hip hop, jazz, contemporary, classical ballet and more. Under the guidance of industry professionals, you will reach your full potential as dancers and performers.

Dance programs on offer

Day & Time: Thursdays 3.45 – 5.15pm 
Location: Nagle College, 58 Orwell St Blacktown 2148

Over the course of the year we will be exploring different dance styles through a series of modules.

In term 4 we will be exploring Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop (JFH) - culminating in an performance presentation in week 7.

It will start on Thursday 25th October (week 2) & will go through to week 7 (29th November).


This program is a week-long event in Term 4 for Music, Dance and Drama students. It is by invitation only to students who have shown exceptional talent throughout the year in other CAPTIVATE programs.

Selected students engage in a performance intensive, collaborative learning opportunity where leading performing arts mentors and industry professionals pass on their expertise, skills and knowledge to students in focused ensemble groups. The learning is about developing their craft for a public performance.

The program is also an excellent team building exercise and opportunity to work together for a more extended time rather periodically throughout the year.

Schools that haven’t taken part in CAPTIVATE programs can still nominate students to audition by contacting CAPTIVATE.

There are two performance opportunities for HSC students. 

Experienced dance students preparing for HSC Dance are invited to audition to perform at one of the Dance Showcase. Schools are asked to identify potential students early in Term 1 so that they can be auditioned and then mentored in the lead up to the performance.

There is also a two hour Performance Masterclass opportunity run in Terms 1 and 3 for students studying HSC Music, Dance and Drama. Schools need to book in for their preferred day. Each school is only entitled to one Masterclass session per term.

We provide intensive performance support for HSC students as part of the Masterclass Program. In addition, as some schools are unable to run HSC Dance, CAPTIVATE has some solutions to this by merging schools to enable them to run this course offline.

Please contact CAPTIVATE to discuss further.

This intensive dance course runs for a half day each week and is available to students in Years 7-10. This is a performance based course which aims to extend each student’s technical skills and understanding of dance styles whilst providing them with performance opportunities. This course will enable students to attain their Dance Certificate II and III over a 4 year period and aligns with the Stage 4 and 5 BOSTES outcomes.

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